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Together we can change the way cancer is treated

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Machine Learning Researcher

Bright and self-motivated computer scientist or mathematician. Must have experience in machine learning, AI and artificial neural networks. Experience with R & Python a bonus and high level biological knowledge suggested.

Clinician Programmer

We are looking for a qualified clinician, ideally an oncologist, to join our team. Knowledge and practice of Python and R is a massive plus.

Data Scientist

You will answer novel biological questions with deep learning algorithms. You’ll bring experience in Python, ML algorithms, Bayesian statistics, RESTful APIs, SQL/NoSQL, Unix/Linux, web security, AWS. Ideally you’ll have experience of data science in clinical practice.

Software / Cloud Engineer

Cloud computing is a crucial tool for our mission to change the way we treat cancer. You will be responsible for managing, expanding and incorporating cutting edge tech into our existing cloud infrastructure. You will have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or closely related field, expertise in AWS tools, NoSQL and relational database management. Plus a desire to produce and maintain highly automated business critical infrastructure.

Partnerships Manager

We are looking for a partnerships manager to source cancer NGS datasets & samples by communicating with oncologists and biobanks around the world. You will work within the partnerships team and communicate regularly with the tech team about their needs. You’ll have experience of cancer research and NGS technology and the ability to work concurrently on multiple projects and excellent communication skills.

Medical Statistician

We are seeking a medical statistician with excellent programming skills and a good understanding of a range of statistical techniques. The post will involve planning data synthesis, implementing statistical analyses and interpreting the implications for cancer patients. You will have specialist knowledge in all aspects of running clinical trials, demonstrated record in statistical programming and analysis, an ability to grasp clinical research problems and good project management skills.

Full-Stack / Back-End Engineer

We are looking for someone to work alongside our senior full stack Python developers on delivery of machine learning models, AWS data interfacing with API development and clinician facing dashboards for data display. You will contribute by designing the architecture and developing back-end components of our brand-new web application. You’ll have experience with Python, REST/RESTful APIs, SQL/NoSQL, Git, web application development/open source operating environments/distributed/parallel computing systems, data visualisation, information retrieval and/or networking.